Asset Activity Transmittal Form (AATF)

This is a multipurpose form.  Section I is used to transfer existing taggable equipment from one department to another or from a department to an off-campus location.  Equipment located off – campus requires an authorized signature prior to transfer of the equipment.  Section II is used to record enhancements, trade-ins, or stolen equipment.

Declaration of Surplus Equipment Form

This form is used to record the transfer of surplus equipment to the Property Warehouse. This form should be filled out by the department and then forwarded to Property Management prior to pick-up of surplus equipment.

Surplus Equipment - Departmental Transfer Form

This form is used whenever a department wants to transfer surplus equipment from the Property Warehouse to their prospective department. The completed form should be accompanied with a memo from the Dean, Director, or Chairperson of the department/division, acknowledging the transfer of surplus equipment from the Property Warehouse to the department.

Equipment Availability Screening Verification Form

This form is completed when purchasing equipment with Federal Funds.  The Principal Investigator must determine if there is existing equipment on campus prior to acquisition.  For further guidance, refer to APPM 6 – Equipment Management, section 6.7 – Policies and Procedures for Equipment Purchased with Federal and Certain Other Sponsored Funds.