About Us

The mission of the Fiscal Operations Division is to provide the highest quality financial and related management services to support and enhance the University's research, urban teaching and service mission, and to perform all fiduciary responsibilities with the utmost integrity.

This mission is fulfilled by a variety of activities that include: the management, safeguarding and investment of the assets of the University, disbursement of cash, administration of University-wide financial systems and the recording and reporting of financial activities. The Fiscal Operations Division is made up of the following units: Accounting Services, Financial Management Control, Risk Management, and Bursar Services.

Guiding principles of the division are:

  1. To perform all duties and responsibilities with the utmost integrity.
  2. To treat all customers and stakeholders - students, suppliers, faculty and staff, and community - in a responsive, open, fair and ethical manner.
  3. To provide effective and efficient stewardship for all activities in order to maximize the financial accountability and performance of the University.
  4. To provide the highest quality goods and services for our customers.
  5. To ensure our success through continuous improvement.