Wayne State University

Frequently Asked Questions

My annual salary is not correct, what do I do?
Please contact your department regarding your salary.  If it is not correct they need to process a transaction to correct the salary.
I did not receive my vacation or illness accrual last pay period?
Depending on your union contract, if you receive any unpaid time you may not be entitled to receive a vacation or illness accrual.  If you think you should have received one and did not, call Payroll.
My W-2 (box 1) amount does not match my last pay stub (Year To Date) amount?
You must add/subtract any pre-tax deductions or taxable benefits to the amount on your last pay stub to determine the wage amount on your W-2.
When can I expect to receive my W-2 form each year?
By law your W-2 form must be postmarked by January 31st for the previous calendar year.
How do I get a W-2 reprinted?

You may do this in one of three ways:

  1. If you are an active employee you can reprint yourself.  Sign into Academica, select WSU Resources > Employee Resources > Employee Self-Service, click Tax Forms, select W-2 Year End Earnings Statement, enter the Tax Year, click on Display-scroll down  and click on the Print button, using your method of printing (i.e. file-print).   This copy can be used to file with your return.
  2. Send an e-mail to payroll@wayne.edu, allow five (5) business days for processing, providing the following information:


    -Banner ID Number

    -Mailing Address (if you are going to pick up the W-2 form in person, please indicate that in the e-mail message and bring photo ID with you).

    -Indicate that you would like a reprint of your <insert year> W2.

You can stop by the Payroll Office in 3800 A/AB and fill out a reprint W-2 request form (allow five business days processing time).  If you are going to return to pick up the W-2 form, bring photo ID with you.

Where do I get a Payroll Calendar?
Click here: Payroll Calendars
Where do we enter Holidays on Web Time Entry?
It is entered using Web Holiday earnings code.
How do I know what is in my Leave Banks?
Sign in Academica, select WSU Resources > Employee Resources > Employee Self-Service, then click Leave Balances to view your bank balances.
When will I start receiving money for my assignment?
Your department should be able to tell you what pay date your job assignment is entered for.
When will I receive my vacation and/or sick bank payout?
If you are eligible for a payout upon termination (see Union Contract or Non-Rep Manual) a manual check will be issued by Payroll and mailed to your last know home address in Banner two weeks after your last paycheck was issued.
When are Late Paper Timesheets due in Payroll?
Late Paper timesheets should be in Payroll by Tuesday morning of the week before the next pay date for payment.  We do not accept paper timesheets for current pay periods.
When do changes for the Friend of Court take effect?
Immediately, if the change is received in Payroll by Tuesday of the week before the next pay date.  Otherwise the following pay date; the change amount can be viewed on your paycheck.  If you have questions or concerns, contact the Payroll Office.
How is back pay/ retroactive payment done for hourly employees?
Once the change in the job assignment is reflected in Banner, the department must send a paper memo to the payroll office requesting the difference to be paid to the employee in writing.  Please specify the following information:  old rate, new rate, hours worked, Banner ID, position number, and department contact.
I have changed jobs however my check still goes to my old department. How can I get it changed to my new department?
Your new department must change your Check Distribution Code to reflect your new department location via EPAF (Electronic Personnel Action Form).
I put in for three direct deposits and my pay only goes to one why?
Your priorities must read dollar amount(s) for the first two and the remaining net for the third or last account equals 100%.
I don’t remember my password for Academica.
Contact the C&IT Helpdesk @ 313-577-HELP (313-577-4357).
How do I change my tax information?
To change your tax information, you need to fill out a new tax withholding form (W-4) and send it to Payroll. They can be found on Payroll’s website, or in the Payroll department.
I submitted a new tax form, but my tax is the same, why?
Payroll may have received your forms after the deadline.  The deadline is Tuesday of the week before the next payday.
I am expecting an out of cycle/manual check and Cashier’s says it not there for pick up.
Please contact the Payroll Office.
I have incurred a salary over payment; can this be deducted from my next check?
In most circumstances, yes. Please inform your department and contact the Payroll Office.
Since I am a student, am I exempt from FICA taxes?
You must meet the following requirements:
Since I am a Non-Resident Alien, aren’t I exempt from FICA taxes?

It depends upon your visa status and time here in the United States. 

  1. Be an enrolled student for the current semester and have a student job (employed) at WSU.
  2. You must be enrolled for a minimum of 6 credits (undergraduate) or 4 credits (graduate) for the current semester. Summer requirements are 6 credits (undergraduate) or 1 credit (graduate).