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Refunds and Refund Preferences

How do I know if I am getting a refund?

Financial Aid refunds are issued once a week after tuition and fees are paid.   Cash refunds are issued at the end of the late registration period and weekly thereafter. To determine if a refund has been issued, check your account in Pipeline.

It is very important that students keep their mailing address current since an active mailing address is required to issue refunds.   Students can change and/or view address information in Pipeline.


How are refunds from WSU delivered to students?

Funds are sent from WSU to Higher One who then disburses your refund according to your selection:

  1. Paper Check (no action needed, refunds available in 5 or more business days).
  2. Electronic Funds Transfer to the student's existing bank account (login to http://www.mywsucard.com/ and follow the instructions, refunds available within 3 business days).
  3. Easy Refundsm  to the OneAccount, a FREE FDIC insured checking account (login to www.mywsucard.com and follow the instructions, refunds available the day after WSU releases them to Higher One). 


How do I select a refund prefence?

Upon receiving your myWSUCard, you can activate your refund preference in three simple steps:

1. Visit.

Go to www.mywsucard.com

2. Set up.

Enter your card number to get started.

3. Choose.


What happens if I don't select a refund preference?

If you do not choose a refund preference, Higher One will mail a paper check to your address on file at Wayne State University.


How do I change my refund preference?

You can change your preference anytime by logging into your account at http://www.mywsucard.com/. From the main menu bar select “Financial Refunds” then “Refund Preferences.”  When you are finished, click the “Update Preferences” button to save your preference.