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Student Refunds: Your Refund - Your Choice

All excess financial aid and cash refunds for tuition and fees issued by Wayne State University are processed Higher One.  WSU posts refunds to students accounts’ once a week.  HigherOne receives the refund file the following day and issues refunds based on the preference selected by each student. HigherOne notifies students of their refund by email.

Refunds can be released to you in one of three ways:

  1. Direct Deposit into an existing checking or savings account (refunds available within 3 business days).
  2. Direct Deposit into a new checking account set up with our vendor, Higher One (refunds available the day after WSU releases them to Higher One).
  3. Paper check mailed to your address on file with WSU from Higher One (refunds available in 5 or more business days).

You will receive a myWSUCard debit MasterCard in a green envelope.  You will use this card to activate your refund preference. It is NOT a credit card.  Do not throw it away unless you want to receive your refund as a paper check.

You must use this card to authenticate yourself with Higher One. The information on the card validates you as a WSU student and allows you to select your refund preference. Instructions are enclosed with your myWSUCard.

  • If you choose to set up a checking account with Higher One, your myWSUCard becomes a debit card. Please note that you will be subject to standard fees that are common with most consumer banking accounts, such as withdrawal fees from non-affiliated ATMs.
  • If you do not choose a refund preference, you will, by default be issued a paper check from Higher One.

If you have lost or thrown away your card before you’ve had a chance to log onto MyWSUCard.com and  authenticate yourself with HigherOne, you can order a replacement card for a $10 fee utilizing one of the two options below:

  • Go online to https://commerce.cashnet.com/WSUBURSAR  and pay the $10.00 replacement fee and a replacement card will be ordered and mailed directly to your address.
  • Go to the Cashiers Office and pay the $10.00 card replacement fee and the replacement card will be ordered and mailed directly to your address.

If you have previously logged into MyWSUCard.com and authenticated yourself with HigherOne and need to order a replacement card, you may do so by utilizing one of the two options below:

  • Go online to http://www.MYWSUCard.com  and select “Card Status” under the “User Profile” and follow the instructions.
  • Call HigherOne customer support at 1-877-405-5479.

Please note that HigherOne charges a $20 fee to replace an authenticated MyWSUCARD.

Click here for an informative FAQ page.  Canadian students should contact the Office of Student Accounts Receivable for further information on receiving refunds.

For additional Information on OneAccounts visit http://www.mywsucard.com/.