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MyWSUCard Payments

You may now make tuition payments using your MyWSUCard. 

Below are 3 options you have to choose from when using your MyWSUCard to make a tuition payment:

Option 1 (fee free)

First you must link your MyWSUCard account to the payment site by verifying yourself.   After your account has been linked, the OneAccount option will appear as one of your payment options when you log on through Academica to make an online tuition payment.

To get started:

Log on to Academica using your access id and password.

Next click on WSU Resources" and then "Student Resources”

Select the “Make an online payment” option under the "Online Payment" link

This will take you to the Payment Center.  On this page select “your account” at the top right hand side of the page.

This will take you to your payment information page, click on the “Access myWSUCard.com” option and follow the instructions.

Option 2 (fee free)

By selecting the ACH payment option you will be required to put in your checking account number and the banks routing number associated with your MyWSUCard.

You can retrieve your account number and the banks routing number by going to MyWSUCard.com:

Log into your profile with your email address and password.

Under the “One Account” tab, select “Recent Activity”

Your account information will be listed at the top of the page near your available balance

Option 3 (2.9% convenience fee)

By selection the Credit card payment option you would  use  your MyWSUCard as a credit card to pay your tuition; However when using this option you will be subject  to the 2.9% convenience fee charged when paying your tuition by credit card.