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Electronic Bills

  • WSU communicates student tuition and fee billing information electronically using eBill.
  • Registered students can access their eBill statement by logging into WSU's secure WSU Academica portal.
  • New eBill statements are prepared on the first business day of each month and available for student viewing and printing online a day later.
  • An e-mail notification is sent to each student's official WSU AccessID E-mail address when a new eBill is available online. The e-mail notification will include a greeting, some information about the billing statement, and a link to Academica where the new eBill is available. No sensitive student information will be in the e-mail notification.

Students may set a preference in the WSU Broadcast Messaging Service to also receive an eBill notice via text to a cell phone or Instant Message to a personal computer. Broadcast Messaging is available through Academica, under the "Broadcast Messaging" link located under the "WSU Resources" link, under "University Resources".

Payment Information

  • The e-Bill balance due will not change as payments are made because the bill is static. All activity on the eBill is presented “as of the bill date”; payments and/or registration transactions “after the bill date” will display on subsequent eBills.
  • To see a recent payment, click on “WSU Resources” in Academica,  next click on “Student Resources”, then click on the “eBill Statement and Payment History" link under “Financial Records" .
  • To review all payments and charges, click on “WSU Resources” in Academica,  next click on “Student Resources”, then click on the “Bill/Account Summary” link under "Financial Records".
  • Charges not paid by the eBill due date are subject to the following penalties:
    • All academic records will be placed on “hold” until the account balance is cleared.
    • Denial of future semester registration.
    • Unpaid accounts will be referred for collections where students will pay all collection costs and reasonable attorney's fees if Wayne State University must take action to recover any past due amounts owed the University.
    • Wayne State University will report delinquent account activity to three national credit bureaus.

eBill Payment Address

By Mail:

Make your check payable to: Wayne State University. Write your 9-character student identification number on the front of the check, and mail it to:

Wayne State University
P.O. Box 02788
Detroit, MI 48202

Be sure to mail early as post office delivery can sometimes be delayed, resulting in financial penalties if payment is received after the tuition due date.

In Person:

Payments can be made in person at the following location:

Welcome Center
42 W. Warren, Room 217

eBills – Frequently Asked Questions: