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General Information for Requesting an WSU eMarket Site

Wayne State University’s Fiscal Operations eMarket service provides campus departments the tools to conduct online commerce through an eMarket customized solution or checkout solution using the university’s payment processor CASHNet.com.

Departments can use eMarket sites to accept payments for events and conference registration fees, the sale of goods and items such as t‐shirts, mugs, university memorabilia, theater and athletic tickets. eMarket sites seamlessly accept and authorize secured online Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, and E‐check payments. All data is stored in a central database that is PCI compliant and maintains a permanent audit trail for reconciliation and inquiry.

If a department does not currently accept credit card payments but would like to; complete the Credit Card Processing Questionnaire and email it to: emarketrequest@lists.wayne.edu

If a department currently accepts credit card payments, and would like to do so online; complete the eMarket Request Form and email it to also complete the Requestor Section of the C&IT Project Initiation Form at: http://computing.wayne.edu/projectmanagement and email it to angela.l.brown@wayne.edu.

Special Events Requests

eMarket request for one‐time events, conferences, and symposium registration fees will be hosted under the existing Special Events eMarket payment site. For development assistance, contact Marketing & Communications (wcs@wayne.edu) and enter your event information on the WSU Events Calendar www.events.wayne.edu in addition to completing the eMarket Request & Project Initiation forms.