Wayne State University

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Property Office do?
The central focus of the Property Office is to provide a mechanism of accountability to internal and external customers of the University. One of the ways in which that goal is met is to ensure accurate records on asset purchases and disposals. We maintain a central inventory database and periodically administer a physical inventory of the University's movable assets.
I have an old piece of furniture, can I just throw it out?
No. All University property must be declared surplus by Property Office personnel prior to disposal. Contact the Property Office for assistance.
I would like to take an unused computer home for University use. What do I need to do?
You will need to complete an Asset Activity Transmittal form and indicate the transfer location (your home address) prior to moving the computer. Transfer requests to off campus locations must be approved by your Dean and Department Chairperson.
I bought an item on an SPA. Does this need to be tagged?
Yes. All property purchased with University funds, manufactured or donated for University use, should be tagged if in excess of $2500.00.
If I receive my own equipment/furniture, how do I obtain property tags?
Contact the Property Office and we will send a tag to your office.
I received a donation of office furniture and machines. Do these need to be tagged?
Donated items should receive tags. Please obtain a value from the donor when accepting donated property.
What is this about the capitalization level being increased to $2,500.00?
The capitalization level is the level that the University uses to determine whether an item is expensed or capitalized (not expensed). Capitalized items are excluded from indirect cost recovery. The increase of the capitalization amount will result in less items being excluded from indirect cost and will enhance the University's recovery of indirect cost. This change became effective on October 1, 1999.
If I move a piece of furniture, do I need to notify the Property Office?
Any location change should be forwarded to the Property Office. An Asset Activity Transmittal form can be completed to change the location.
I would like to trade-in a piece of equipment to obtain a discount, what do I need to do?
Trade-ins are negotiated by the departmental personnel. When the request is approved and processed through Purchasing, the Property Office will need a completed Asset Activity Transmittal form indicating that the equipment was traded and the negotiated trade-in value.
My equipment was tagged, but the tag was removed or lost, what should I do?
Contact the Property Office and we will send you a new tag for your equipment.
Can anyone purchase items from the surplus warehouse, or is it just for employees of WSU?
The surplus warehouse is open to WSU departments only on Monday and Wednesday from 9:00 to 1:00. Warehouse sales are held on an as needed basis and are announced via email. The warehouse sales are open to the WSU community and the general public.
Will you deliver or pickup equipment in my office?
Pickup and delivery services are coordinated through Facilities, Planning & Management via a General Improvement Request form. Contact FP&M at 577-7656 to schedule your pickup or delivery. Please complete and forward a Declaration of Surplus Equipment form to our office to advise us of your delivery. You will receive a receipt from our office once your equipment has been delivered. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact our office at 577-3698.
If I purchase an item from the warehouse and it doesn't work, can I return or exchange it?
No warranties are given for surplus property. You should try to determine whether the item is working prior to purchase. Warehouse personnel are not allowed to troubleshoot computer problems or offer any type of warranty on merchandise.