Wayne State University

Space Survey

General Information

  • The University will be submitting a Facilities & Administrative (F&A) Cost Rate Proposal to the Department of Health and Human Services - Division of Cost Allocation on March 31, 2018.  The base year for this proposal is FY2017.
  • The F&A Cost Rate Proposal is a compilation of financial and space data used to calculate a rate to reimburse the University for overhead costs associated with sponsored research and other sponsored projects.  The F&A rate is essentially an overhead rate.
  • The last submission of the F&A Cost Rate Proposal was April 30, 2013 (base year FY2012).
  • Current F&A Rate – FY 2017  and FY 2018 – 54%
  • The space survey is a critical part of the F&A Cost Rate Proposal. The results of the survey determine how most of the facility costs (depreciation, interest, and operations and maintenance expenses) in the F&A cost proposal will be allocated to University functions such as Instruction and Organized Research.

Space Survey Timeline (Tentative)

  • June 2017 – Space Survey Preparation
    • Departments – Provide Surveyor and Department Approver and review Department Assignments
  • July - August 2017 – Space Survey Training
  • July - September 2017 – Conduct Space Survey
  • September - November 2017 – Cost Accounting will review and complete the Space Survey